Sunday, February 25, 2007

In Memoriam

Margaret Duberley, who crossed over on 13th February. She was actively involved in the Irish Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Association and an inspiration to many Waldorf kindergarten teachers, parents and friends. David Fairclough reports that recently two new stars appeared in the constellation of Scorpio. The first, named Nova Scorpii 2007 was first sighted on February 6th and then brightened until February 13th when it became visible to the naked eye. Was it a light for Margaret on her journey?

For more on the life of the cosmos, and stars that appear and disappear refer to The Festivals and their Meaning (III Ascension and Pentecost), R. Steiner

Thursday, February 22, 2007

GNOSIS! A new book due out in April

Author Sean Byrne is from the Republic of Ireland but has lived and worked near Belfast for many years. As well as publishing and editing, he writes for various journals and magazines. His first novel, GNOSIS! is based on the life of the 2nd century Christian writer Origen of Alexandria (pictured at left). The decadent Roman Empire is on the brink of anarchy. Rome is suspicious and fearful of the new religion, but wishes to harness its power for its own ends with a cold and down-to-earth programme. In Alexandria on the other hand, Christianity is welcomed with open arms as a herald of a new age of the spirit. Origen, the Egyptian philosopher, is a danger to Rome's plans. The result is one of the most intriguing and exciting periods of history the world has ever known. £8.99 or €13.50 from Amazon or direct from the author with his signature. Email Sean Byrne,
Sean Byrne also informs us that the current issue of The Local Planet features his review of Sekem, Ibrahim Abouleish's book about the biodynamic community in Egypt.

The above illustration is from Andre Thevet Les Vrais Pourtraits et Vies Hommes Illustre 1584, University of Michigan