Thursday, June 09, 2011

"A 21st Century Big Picture: America and China  - The Looming Vice? The Coming Conflict?"
Is there a way between or shall we all be crushed? The economic crisis that began in 2007-08 was facilitated by the rapid injection of hundreds of millions of Chinese workers into the global economy and the resulting explosion of goods and credit. China's time has come, but so far, she has essentially been copying our economic practices and our errors. Like Britain 100 years ago, America's 'glories' are fading but the Americans' psychological anxieties and their mega military continue to grow – a dangerous combination.  Half way through the 20th century millions of families were scarred by the East-West conflict of the Cold War. Is that to be repeated in a different form? The signs are that the Western elite is preparing for it. Increasingly, the American elite sees itself as Britain in 1914 and China as Germany. Can their mania be stopped? How to understand the US-China relationship? Will the 1930s be repeated – a global economic crisis followed by the false 'solution' of a terrible war? In what sense are America and China both 'Atlantean' Powers? How can the rest of us find our way between this polar vice of the Eagle and the Dragon, without being crushed?  Are  Ireland, Britain and Europe to be America's 'auxiliaries' in this confrontation? We must find a way though to avoid a repeat of the scenario of 1914.
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  Venue:The Stag's Head (Upstairs)
   Date:28th June @7.30pm
   Admission: 8euro