Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One Day Event: A look at the life and work of Vernon Watkins and W.B. Yeats at the Writers Museum, Parnell Square, Dublin
Saturday December 1 2007
short prepared contributions, recitations, music, imaginative exercises and conversation.
Breaks for coffee and lunch in a nearby restaurant.
For more information: Sean Byrne, 1 Martello Terrace, Holywood, Co. Down BT18 9BE
phone 028 9042 2910
Camphill Community Ballytobin
4 and 5 January 2008

A series of talks and discussions examining the deeper historical challenges facing Europe in the 21st century
In March 1925, the last month of his life, in a conversation about the true tasks and possibilities of Europe, and the forces of opposition to these, Rudolf Steiner named three problems, or questions, that urgently needed 'solving':
"The queston of the two Johns
Where did Kaspar Hauser come from?
Who was Dmitri?"
It is these three questions which we intend to discuss during the conference.
Friday 4th January
6:30 pm registration/arrivals with light refreshments
7.00 Introductions with music
7.30 'The question of the Two Johns' by Richard Ramsbotham, followed by discussion
Close with music
Saturday 5th January
10.00 'Where did Kaspar Hauser come from?' by Terry Boardman, followed by discussion
11.30 Break
12.00 artistic activity together with bells
1.00 Lunch
2.30 'Who was Dmitri?' by Markus Osterrieder, followed by discussion
4.00 Break
4.30 Conversation; connecting with where we are now
5.30 Rounding off and end with music
Light refreshments follow for journey home
Contribution/fee €25. Booking before December 20
For more information:
Mark Dwan, Camphill Community Ballytobin, Callan, Co. Kilkenny
086 853 9342,

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lecture on Reading and Writing by Gordon Woolard

Fri Nov 16 19:30 - 21:30 (Dublin) Raheen Wood School, Tuamgraney this Friday at Raheen Wood School. Gordon Woolard will speak on the subject of Writing and Reading, the processes we go through in developing these faculties, and the challenges that can arise. An expert on dyslexia and its treatment through the use of movement, drawing and painting exercises and resident of England, Gordon has become a regular visitor to Raheen Wood School as one of the core tutors on the Healing Education and Resource Teaching (HEART) programme. If you have attended any of his previous presentations, you know that his warm and engaging approach to his subject is not to be missed. This is the first of two visits scheduled for this year. There will be a follow-up presentation as part of his second visit, also open to the general public. The theme of that lecture, on Friday, 15 February, will be Mathematics and Discalcula. Please consider joining us this Friday at Raheen Wood School for this stimulating presentation.
For more information contact Jonathan at 061 926 889 or

Monday, November 05, 2007

An introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine and Therapies

by Dr Nick Blitz

Wednesday 07 November 2007

Camphill Community Greenacres
Upper Kilmacud Rd (Beside Airfield House)
Dublin 14

info at 01 – 298 7618

illustration: Bryony by Walther Roggenkamp for Weleda

Monday, October 22, 2007

Castalia Eurythmy
Poetry of Ireland by Seamus Heaney performed with Speech, Eurythmy and Music
in Northern Ireland
Thursday, November 15, 7.30pm at Camphill Glencraig, Holywood, Belfast
Friday, November 16, 2.00pm at St. Columb's College, Buncranagh Road, Derry, and 7.30pm Verbal Arts Centre, Stable Lane, Derry
Saturday, November 17, 7.00pm, Samhain Poetry Festival, Gortahork, Co. Donegal
for more information:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Anthroposophical Society in Ireland and Camphill Greenacres warmly invites you to

Goethe's theory of colour- playing for freedom

a public lecture by Dr Malin Starrett

This lecture and demonstration gives an overview of the relevance of Goethe’s theory of colour today, with a comparison to the current dominant viewpoint. Theories of how we see tend to have wideranging consequences for the whole of society.
Wednesday 17th October 2007, 8pm
Camphill Community Greenacres
Upper Kilmacud Rd (Beside Airfield House)
Dublin 14
Tel 01 298 7618

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


“Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy – An Introduction”
Wednesday, October 3, 8 pm

Talk by Daniel Newman
at Greenacres Camphill Community
Upper Kilmacud Rd (beside Airfield)
Dublin 14
Tel 01 - 298 7618

...Ruth Marshall, publisher of Holistic Network Ireland Magazine, sends the following:

'I was sent a brochure about a workshop taking place in October at Pishwanton Wood, near Edinburgh. Pishwanton is a wonderful place, home to the Life Science Trust, and where I took part in a couple of the long sessions on the 2-year journey that was “The New Hibernian Way” (combining Goethean science and art) some years ago under the guidance of Margaret Calquhoun et al. For more info contact : The Life Science Trust, Pedlar's Way, Gifford, East Lothian EH41 4JD Scotland. Tel: 01620 810 259'

For more information click here: Goethe's Colour Theory

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Christian Community in Scarriff, County Clare
Programme for Autumn 2007, Regular Services and Gatherings
Sundays: The Act of Consecration of Man
2nd September, 7th October, 4th November, 9th December at 11 am
There will be a crèche during the Act of Consecration. Please ask Audrey Flynn
The Service for Children at 10 am, dates as for the Act of Consecration of Man.
Sunday Family Gatherings at 10 am, All gather to sing in the chapel. Afterwards, there is a story or gospel reading for the children, whilst the adults remain in the chapel for a reading of the Gospel, the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer followed by a short discussion on the Gospel. Afterwards everyone gathers in the kitchen for bring & share refreshments.
All Sundays from 9th September on, except when Tom Ravetz is visiting
Special programme for Michaelmas 30th September and the four Sundays in Advent
Other Events: Talks by Rev. T Ravetz on Saturday evenings at 8 pm followed by singing
6th October The Father-Ground of our Being
3rd November The Son-Creating and Becoming
8th December The Spirit-God in the Creation

Confirmation Classes at 4 pm on 2.9., 7.10., 4.11., 9.12.
For more information on Gospel readings, visits and other activities contact
The Rev. Tom Ravetz, 22 Baylie Street, Stourbridge West Midlands UK DY8 1AZ,
Phone: 0044 1384 377 190 and whilst in Ireland: 0876 486 617. Email:
Or contact the Congregational Correspondent Anne Benham,

Monday, August 20, 2007

Harvest Home in Dingle

I had the great good fortune to be in Ireland for Lughnasa again this year, the midpoint between St Johns and the Michaelmas equinox time. If the four great festivals of the year, Easter, St Johns, Michaelmas and Christmas are turning points, the lesser known four festivals in between can be seen as archways, moving into something new. They are the beginnings of the four seasons according to the farmers’ calendar, and as the Celts would have celebrated. Here in Dingle they are still alive.

Samhain or Halloween begins the year with winter when the harvest is finished. Imbolc, the time of St Bridgid and Candlemas, when the sap begins to flow again, brings the first inklings of spring. Bealtaine, or May Day, ushers in summer. Nature is in full bloom and Lughnasa, the first of August, is the beginning of the harvest season (autumn).

As a clown working out of anthroposophy I feel my mission to be one of gathering inspiration from nature, from spiritual and elemental beings and the rhythms of the year. These can be transformed with humour through the performing arts as a gift to human beings. The overwhelming amount of love that arises through my work with people as a clown can then be transformed and brought back as a gift into nature and into the festivals of the year.

I celebrated St John in Stuttgart with a group of clowns and speech and drama artists working therapeutically. It was the time of year when the human being expands furthest outward into the cosmic worlds, ‘losing oneself’ as Steiner describes so beautifully in the Calendar of the Soul. We were working with themes such as the clown as a bridge between nature and human beings, periphery and centre and the artistic transformation of the heart. I always see the red clown’s nose as significant. The nose is the heart of my face. When I put on my nose I step into my heart’s centre.

I brought these inspirations of the St John’s meeting with me when I came home to Ireland for the summer. Meditating further on the Calendar of the Soul I became newly aware of the amazing dance the soul takes when moving around the circle of the year. Approximately around the first of May one begins to arc outward into cosmic worlds. After St John, when the outer sun is at its zenith, the arc begins curving back. From Lughnasa until Samhain we are walking in step with the natural world around us and after that the soul arcs inward to the inner sun, at its zenith at Christmas.

On the day of Lunasa I met with Peadar, a friend who is deeply connected to the stories of Ireland and just back from playing the flute in Chartres Cathedral.He takes people to the holy places of Ireland, giving story-rich, poetic and musical tours of introduction to the living land. In Ireland geography and history are one. The traditional place to go to at Lughnasa is Mount Brandon, the last place in Europe from which to see the setting sun. We had attempted this last year with Sophia Murphy and Tertia Schwartz. Due to Mount Brandon being covered in cloud we had climbed a lower mountain where we did the Halleluia in eurythmy, led by Tertia, and Peadar played his flute.

This year we climbed Mount Brandon. It was just the two of us. Other people had planned to come but stayed away because of heavy rains and clouds in the morning. When we crossed Conor Pass the peak of Mount Brandon was clear and beckoned to us. It is a steep and difficult climb. The ground is covered in springy turf and heather and the stones seem to be loose. I went up barefoot and the higher we got the less solid the earth felt beneath my feet. The mist closed in on us, swirling past like white horse ghosts galloping up the slope. Sheep looked as us with curiosity. Peadar told me stories of Lugh, from whom Lughnasa has its name and I told him the ones I knew from Ella Young’s The Wondersmith and his Son. We thought we got a glimpse of the sun through the now thick clouds.

I whistled to see if the sun would come out and he called it with his penny whistle. It seemed to be playing hide and seek with us, teasing us. At the summit windows opened up in the clouds to show us the spectacular valleys 1000 feet below on either side. It seemed impossible to me that there was a solid mountain below me. It felt as if we were standing on a cloud. Peadar invoked the four directions and then the centre—also having been working on the theme of periphery and centre these days. I read the Calendar of the Soul verse for this week (Nr 17) and then we played music. I inwardly left an offering on the mountaintop, a harvest of love gathered through my work. The sun was still peeking out at us the moment our backs were turned, making us laugh. We turned and bounded like goats down the mountain, singing loudly, our hearts full of all the sense impressions of the adventure. The harvest is now begun—and the process of waking up which will culminate at Michaelmas.

Deirdre Goodman lives in Leipzig, Germany and Dingle, Ireland. She is a clown performing in hospitals and touring with stage performances. She herself trained with Liederclown Frieder Noegge. Inspired by his attempt to bring anthroposophy into living experience she has developed her own method clowning and for training clowns. Deirdre also specializes in workshops for therapists, teachers, actors and parents
. For further information:

Suggested reading: The Wonder Smith and His Son, Ella Young, Floris Books
Celebrating Irish Festivals, Ruth Marshall, Hawthorn Press
Archangel Lecture, Rudolf Steiner

Photograph courtesy of Susanne Hartung

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Irish Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Association has successfully run its Early Childhood Education Programme since 1996, providing training for prospective kindergarten teachers in Ireland. This training is now entering its fourth cycle. Now, in response to demand from new schools that need trained teachers, participants of the Early Childhood Education Programme, and others interested in class teaching, a three-year part-time class teacher training is offered in Co. Clare.

now enrolling;
Part Time Courses: Foundations in Anthroposophy; Kindergarten Teacher Training
Primary Class Teacher Training; Resource Teacher Training

Foundation Year starts September 2007
The Foundation Year is designed as the first year of a three-year kindergarten and class teacher training, but it also can be taken as an introductory course in anthroposophical studies.

The course consists of:
• Guided study. Where possible study groups are established in different localities.
• Weekend sessions. Eight weekend sessions (Friday evening and all day Saturday).
• Residential sessions. Three longer sessions in October, at Easter, and in July (Tuesday – Saturday).

Course fee: €1500
for more information, please email

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Community Lease not renewed!! We need to raise €500,000!!
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce that we will be organising the 5th Annual Fundraising Night at the
Leopardstown Racecourse. This year’s event could not happen at a better time. With the
recent developments within our community, the moving to new premises we will also have to
tackle one of our main obstacles: To create workspace for our colleagues with special needs.
Our new premises has a reasonable sized garden where we would like to establish an ‘all year
round’ organic vegetable, fruit and seedling garden. This will be achieved by building a decent
sized glass – green house. In addition, there is an urgent need to create additional craft
making workshop space. The benefits are direct and straight forward:
Creating workspace for adults with special needs, where we can activate a therapeutic as well
as life skill program, provide our (day in – day out) kitchen with organically grown vegetables
We had many people asking how they can support us as a reaction to the previous newsletter,
the sad news of the ‘Greenacres’ premises and the unavoidable need to move the whole
community to new premises. We will keep you well informed on all these happenings and we will
indicate when, where and how you can support.
Therefore this special edition newsletter: Very soon we will start with the booking of the 25
to 30 tables (tables of 10) for the very fine and well-tuned 5th Annual Fundraising Night at the
Leopardstown Racecourse. This is an evening filled with style, superb viewing of live racing, an
excellent and extensive Fork Supper, live music and entertainment..
A full programme with specific information is attached.
Meanwhile do not hesitate to contact us:
Michael Hilary: 087 256 8810
Gilbert Fonteyn: 085 746 7830
Community lease not renewed by order of nuns
We need to raise € 500.000

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The County Clare Christian Community
has a new centre and chapel in Drewsborough, Tuamgraney.
Rev.Tom Ravetz will be holding services there on a regular basis, travelling over from England once each month (see below for May and June). His phone number is 0044 1384 377
or 087 648 6617 in Ireland. His email is
The Congregational Correspondent is Anne Benham. Email her for the Community Newsletter at

The programme for May-June 2007 is as follows:

The Act of Consecration of Man
Sunday, 6th May at 11 am
Sunday, 17th June at 11 am
There will be a crèche during the Act of Consecration. Please ask Audrey Flynn for details

The Service for Children
Sunday, 6th May at 10 am
Sunday, 17th June at 10 am

Sunday Family Gatherings
All gather to sing in the chapel. Afterwards, there is a story or gospel reading for the children, whilst the adults remain in the chapel for a reading of the Gospel, the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer followed by a short discussion on the Gospel. Afterwards everyone gathers in the kitchen for bring & share refreshments. 13th, 20th, 27th May, 6th, 24th June (special programme for St Johns to be announced)

Other Events
Friday 4th May 8 pm House Warming. This will be a social evening with music and a chance to meet.

Saturday, 5th-Monday 7th May Reunion of the Confirmation Group of 2005
Programme to be arranged

Sunday, 17th June at 4 pm First Confirmation Lesson for the Confirmation Group 2008

Thursday, April 19, 2007

From the Biodynamic Association in Ireland:
Dear all; In June 2006, Nikolai Fuchs (our co-ordinator for the lobby work in Brussels) presented us with the work of the newly started initiative ELIANT (European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy).Now ELIANT is collecting 1 million signatures to secure legal safeguards for anthroposophic medicine, biodynamic (Demeter) foods, Waldorf education and other initiatives of applied anthroposophy.The board of Demeter International kindly asks you to help this initiative with your vote. More information and online voting is possible at (click on the right for your language). Please distribute this information to as many people as possible. Non EU nationals can support this initiative too! Deadline is 15th July 2007. Thank you for your support.
Anja Terpstra, Administrator
On behalf of Demeter International and Demeter Standards Limited
Biodynamic Agricultural Association in Ireland, Watergarden, Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
Tel./ Fax. 056-7754214 Email

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Alfa Project, Active Learning for Adolescents

The Alfa Project has been successfully educating teenagers aged 13 – 16 for the past 5 years. In this time Alfa has become an accepted alternative to state education for those young people who want it in our East County Clare area. Alfa provides a three year integrated curriculum covering the sciences, arts, languages, crafts and physical education arranged in project blocks (main lesson) of 3 or 4 weeks. Each project block links in with the rest of the curriculum in a unique way and includes an artistic and practical dimension whether it is Mathematics or History or any of the other subjects. This approach works with teenagers because it allows them to be creative, ask and answer questions and find their own relationship to the subject. The Alfa Project has developed to provide an alternative approach to exam led education especially for those students who find mainstream secondary education does not meet their needs. The students are in classes of 15 students and therefore a practical hands-on element can be brought into each lesson. It is clear to us that young people are born into and are growing up in a very different world to the one we grew up in 30 or 40 years ago. They are acutely aware of the environmental and ecological challenges facing them in the future; they also have a global consciousness that reaches out to others across the world. The future is unpredictable, therefore we have to educate young people for the world of tomorrow, not today or yesterday, so they can become active shapers of the future. This is why Alfa emphasises developing the capacities of the students over filling them with information. Capacities such as social ability, to be able to work with others and to reach out to those in need; judgement, to be able to think clearly and discern truth from lies; confidence, to be themselves, to take initiative and act responsibly when needed; global consciousness, to be aware of the connection between themselves and their actions and the needs of the earth, the environment, all fellow human beings and living things.
Alfa is run by a core group of committed parents and teachers, some are parents whose children have been in Alfa and moved on, some whose children are in the present group of 15 students. Over the seven years of setting up and running Alfa the Management Committee, Working Group members and Directors of the Company have gained a wealth of experience in effective management of Alfa, providing the education and working with teenagers.
Alfa intends to expand to 45 students in three classes over the next five years. In order to facilitate this growth Alfa needs to purchase land and build its own workshops and classrooms. Our plans are to build low tech, sustainable, energy efficient buildings involving the students where possible, with enough outside space to build outdoor projects, create
gardens etc. Help with this would be greatly appreciated. We have a
comprehensive Project Plan available which can be requested from or 061 640798. Our website is


Friday, April 06, 2007

Eurythmy Events: We are glad to report more eurythmy events in Ireland. Don't miss them!

Zagreb Eurythmy Ensemble "Iona"
This group from Croatia has been working on the theme of
"The Counter-Image of the Second Coming"
The programme includes works by W.B. Yeats, Fiona McLoud, and other modern writers and composers
Ballytobin Camphill Community, Co Kilkenny - Sat 28 Apr
Duffcarrig Camphill Community Co Wexford - Tue 01 May

“The Harbouring Silence”
Botton Eurythmy present a programme of contemporary music and poetry reflected in the mirror of their inspiration from the past.
Glencraig Camphill Community, Co Down - Sun 6 May
Mourne Grange Camphill Community Co Down - Tue 8 May
Ballytobin Camphill Community, Co Kilkenny - Thu 10 May
Duffcarrig Camphill Community Co Wexford - Fri 11 May

From June 15th to 30th The Pennsylvania USA Eurythmy Ensemble Tour Ireland the UK with their Evening Program “Tides Turning”. Also, they will perform pieces for schools.Dates and details to follow
For more information on any of these events go to the Eurythmy Ireland site:
Irish Steiner Teacher Training Presents:
Easter Break Short Courses, Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 April, 2007
At Raheen Wood School, Tuamgraney, County Clare
11:30 am - 1 pm each day: The Healing Art of Storytelling with Nancy Mellon
Nancy Mellon has developed a practical, spiritually oriented approach to personal development through the art of storytelling. Participants will heighten their ability to create stories of a healing nature. This course is designed for caring professionals, parents, teachers and artists. Nancy is a writer, therapist and teacher who lives in the United States. She is the author of Storytelling and the Art of the Imagination and Storytelling with Children.
2:15 pm - 3:45 each day: The History of Artistic Expression: an Evolution of Consciousness with Dick Bruin. Dick Bruin will present a mix of lecture and drawing workshops, looking at examples of architecture and visual arts from Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Early Christian, Renaissance, and the Modern eras. Paper supplied. Bring coloured pencils and block crayons
Dick is an artist and visiting teacher from Holland, and the co-author of Painting in Waldorf Schools”.
Pre-booking essential. Cost - one workshop - €45, both workshops - €75.
Delicious vegetarian lunch available €8 (advanced notice required)
To register, please contact Jonathan Angus, Tel: 061 926 889
Book Launch:
“Into the Further Reaches - An anthology of contemporary British poetry celebrating the spiritual journey”
edited by Jay Ramsay
PS Avalon Publishing isbn 978-0-9552786-1-7; £15 sterling
This large format, beautifully designed 252 page anthology contains the work of 64 leading poets rooted in the Romantic and visionary tradition inviting you to awaken to your own inner spiritual connection at this time of global transition.
Available from or from
or in Ireland, available from Ruth Marshall at
Cost €27 incl P&P.
“To take a step beyond ‚ this is what this exciting new anthology of Contemporary British Poetry invites you to do at this time of transition. Rooted in the Romantic and visionary tradition, these 64 poets form part of a powerful vanguard that is alive and well (and mature) outside of the accepted mainstream. These poets are alive on the page and in the mouth ‚ intelligent, committed, colourful, spiritually conscious and awake to the edges of things in the clear seeing that poetry requires. Above all, this is a poetry book for travellers re-negotiating the shape of our lives as we reach the end of time, with all it means to be here and in service of the Divine.”

Monday, April 02, 2007

This school, nestled in one of the oldest woods in County Clare, is celebrating its 21st birthday in June this year and we urge everyone to keep checking the website for details of the celebration. Another event for your calendar: The lively Spring Fair and Open House is on April 28th. Attend if you can! The Raheen Wood School is presently searching for a sixth grade teacher, who is willing to commit for two years. If you know of anyone, please contact Nell Smyth at her email address:

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Last minute news:
Sean Byrne will be giving a talk about Rudolf Steiner's message for the New Age on St. Patrick's day at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in the RDS in Dublin.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Eurythmy Performance in Dublin!

See the Music, Hear the Colours...

The Stuttgart Eurythmeum and Eurythmy Ireland present an evening of
Visible Music & Poetry

Don't miss this opportunity to experience a new art form that incorporates movement, light and colour, music and the spoken word. Includes pieces by Shostakovich, Debussy, Handel, Mendelssohn performed by members of the famous Stuttgart Eurythmeum together with members of Eurythmy Ireland.

Mill Theatre, Dundrum, 14th March, 8 PM, €20

Sunday, February 25, 2007

In Memoriam

Margaret Duberley, who crossed over on 13th February. She was actively involved in the Irish Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Association and an inspiration to many Waldorf kindergarten teachers, parents and friends. David Fairclough reports that recently two new stars appeared in the constellation of Scorpio. The first, named Nova Scorpii 2007 was first sighted on February 6th and then brightened until February 13th when it became visible to the naked eye. Was it a light for Margaret on her journey?

For more on the life of the cosmos, and stars that appear and disappear refer to The Festivals and their Meaning (III Ascension and Pentecost), R. Steiner

Thursday, February 22, 2007

GNOSIS! A new book due out in April

Author Sean Byrne is from the Republic of Ireland but has lived and worked near Belfast for many years. As well as publishing and editing, he writes for various journals and magazines. His first novel, GNOSIS! is based on the life of the 2nd century Christian writer Origen of Alexandria (pictured at left). The decadent Roman Empire is on the brink of anarchy. Rome is suspicious and fearful of the new religion, but wishes to harness its power for its own ends with a cold and down-to-earth programme. In Alexandria on the other hand, Christianity is welcomed with open arms as a herald of a new age of the spirit. Origen, the Egyptian philosopher, is a danger to Rome's plans. The result is one of the most intriguing and exciting periods of history the world has ever known. £8.99 or €13.50 from Amazon or direct from the author with his signature. Email Sean Byrne,
Sean Byrne also informs us that the current issue of The Local Planet features his review of Sekem, Ibrahim Abouleish's book about the biodynamic community in Egypt.

The above illustration is from Andre Thevet Les Vrais Pourtraits et Vies Hommes Illustre 1584, University of Michigan

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Michael Miklis, Administrator at the Biodynamic Association announces the following events:
* Talk on the Maria Thun Calendar on the 2nd of March at John McDonnell’s Farm in Shalvastown Slane Co.Meath, this will be combined with a Farm walk and start’s at 2 pm.
* A Workshop/Conference on Composting in March /April (exact details will be forthcoming next week) will be held at the Dominican Farm and Ecological Centre in Wicklow.
* The lifting of the Biodynamic Preparations will take place either on Saturday the 28 of April or Mai the 6th starting at 11 am At Ernest Mackey’s Farm Ballinclea House Donard Co. Wicklow.
Please consult the Biodynamic Association website for more information.

The Anthroposophical Society in Ireland announces the following event:
Sunday 15. April - Saturday 21. April Connect Conference for young people in the Goetheanum, in Dornach, Switzerland. There are currently about ten young people from Ireland going to the conference but places are still available. For further details, contact Caroline Kelly 061 927 168.

Note: Please refer to the Eurythmy in Ireland website on the upcoming performances by the visiting artists from Stuttgart, Germany.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Irish Seed Saver Association (ISSA), Capparoe, Scariff, Co Clare
Today (Jan 29) was tree paste day at the Irish Seed Savers. A crew was out with rubber gloves, the tree paste and paint brushes. Each young tree was lovingly stroked and painted with the biodynamic paste which will keep it protected from fungus etc. The Irish Seed Savers, a venture begun by Waldorf parents Anita and Tommy Hayes, has grown from a small garden by the house to twenty acres of carefully tended ground.

Grainne Vaughan: This place has more life than any other garden I've ever been in. It is lovely. Lán le beocht!

Frank Bouchier, Garden Manager:
If we look after the trees they look after us.

Irish Seed Savers is the only organisation in Ireland engaged in the work of locating agricultural plants that are in danger of extinction, taking samples,nurturing them, propagating them and distributing them to gardeners and farmers around the country to ensure that they are available, once again, to be enjoyed for their taste, beauty and resilience. For information: 061 921 866.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Castalia Eurythmy
Castalia, a new venture, has toured Ireland several times and is currently planning 2007. Eurythmist Breeda Mannix interprets poetry by Seamus Heaney and music by John Billing, bringing depth and life to both.

Breeda hales from County Kerry.She studied eurythmy at Peredur Centre for the Arts, Sussex, England, from 1988 to 1993, under Isabel and Hajo Dekker. Every few years Breeda looks for a master, and so 3-1/2 years ago she moved to Norway where Margrethe Solstad, the leader of the Oslo Eurythmy School, offered her a place in the Ensemble work. Currently Breeda is studying for a BA in eurythmy under this leader, who will shortly be leaving Oslo for Dornach where she will become Section Leader for the Performing Arts.

In 2002 a small group including Breeda created a eurythmy programme to go on tour. While booking the tour in Ireland, John Clarke of Ballytobin Camphill Community asked Breeda 'what your name is'. She replied that there wasn't a name upon which he immediately suggested 'Castalia Eurythmy'. In 2007, Castalia Eurythmy is invited to a number of Arts Festivals in Ireland, both North and South, and there are plans to work on new material as well. Two dates already booked: 7th June at Dunshane, Medical Section Meeting/Conference, 17th November in Gortahork, Donegal for a Poetry festival.
For more information contact John Nixon, 048 9042 5990,

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Camphill Community Greenacres is a new venture in the south Dublin suburb of Dundrum. The main house was formerly occupied by an order of nuns called the Religious for Christian Education. Due to dwindling numbers they have let the property to Camphill to insure the social endeavours which they can no longer manage on their own. The house is set in two and a half acres of mature garden adjacent to Airfield, a 40 acre community farm and craft centre. Our new house Hazel, provides semi-independent living environment for people who are more able. By each helping the other, everyone is enabled to live a fulfilling life. Although in the centre of a thriving part of Dublin we are a veritable oasis of greenery. Our aim in Greenacres is to develop the Camphill impulse in the context of an Irish urban setting. More specifically, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving a sustainable community. This can be described as an attempt to integrate the ecological, social, economic and spiritual aspects of life into a harmonious and inclusive place to live.
Since taking over the house at the end of 2002, the Community has grown to 18 people living full time and a number of people coming on a day basis, including people in care, co-workers, children, a part-time employee and helpers from the locality. We also play host to a wide variety of cultural activities such as courses and lectures. In addition, we operate as a small scale respite care, mostly for members of other communities looking for a city break.

Camphill Greenacres, Upper Kilmacud Road, Dublin 14. Phone: 01 298 7618