Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Michael Miklis, Administrator at the Biodynamic Association announces the following events:
* Talk on the Maria Thun Calendar on the 2nd of March at John McDonnell’s Farm in Shalvastown Slane Co.Meath, this will be combined with a Farm walk and start’s at 2 pm.
* A Workshop/Conference on Composting in March /April (exact details will be forthcoming next week) will be held at the Dominican Farm and Ecological Centre in Wicklow.
* The lifting of the Biodynamic Preparations will take place either on Saturday the 28 of April or Mai the 6th starting at 11 am At Ernest Mackey’s Farm Ballinclea House Donard Co. Wicklow.
Please consult the Biodynamic Association website for more information.

The Anthroposophical Society in Ireland announces the following event:
Sunday 15. April - Saturday 21. April Connect Conference for young people in the Goetheanum, in Dornach, Switzerland. There are currently about ten young people from Ireland going to the conference but places are still available. For further details, contact Caroline Kelly 061 927 168.

Note: Please refer to the Eurythmy in Ireland website on the upcoming performances by the visiting artists from Stuttgart, Germany.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Irish Seed Saver Association (ISSA), Capparoe, Scariff, Co Clare
Today (Jan 29) was tree paste day at the Irish Seed Savers. A crew was out with rubber gloves, the tree paste and paint brushes. Each young tree was lovingly stroked and painted with the biodynamic paste which will keep it protected from fungus etc. The Irish Seed Savers, a venture begun by Waldorf parents Anita and Tommy Hayes, has grown from a small garden by the house to twenty acres of carefully tended ground.

Grainne Vaughan: This place has more life than any other garden I've ever been in. It is lovely. Lán le beocht!

Frank Bouchier, Garden Manager:
If we look after the trees they look after us.

Irish Seed Savers is the only organisation in Ireland engaged in the work of locating agricultural plants that are in danger of extinction, taking samples,nurturing them, propagating them and distributing them to gardeners and farmers around the country to ensure that they are available, once again, to be enjoyed for their taste, beauty and resilience. For information: 061 921 866.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Castalia Eurythmy
Castalia, a new venture, has toured Ireland several times and is currently planning 2007. Eurythmist Breeda Mannix interprets poetry by Seamus Heaney and music by John Billing, bringing depth and life to both.

Breeda hales from County Kerry.She studied eurythmy at Peredur Centre for the Arts, Sussex, England, from 1988 to 1993, under Isabel and Hajo Dekker. Every few years Breeda looks for a master, and so 3-1/2 years ago she moved to Norway where Margrethe Solstad, the leader of the Oslo Eurythmy School, offered her a place in the Ensemble work. Currently Breeda is studying for a BA in eurythmy under this leader, who will shortly be leaving Oslo for Dornach where she will become Section Leader for the Performing Arts.

In 2002 a small group including Breeda created a eurythmy programme to go on tour. While booking the tour in Ireland, John Clarke of Ballytobin Camphill Community asked Breeda 'what your name is'. She replied that there wasn't a name upon which he immediately suggested 'Castalia Eurythmy'. In 2007, Castalia Eurythmy is invited to a number of Arts Festivals in Ireland, both North and South, and there are plans to work on new material as well. Two dates already booked: 7th June at Dunshane, Medical Section Meeting/Conference, 17th November in Gortahork, Donegal for a Poetry festival.
For more information contact John Nixon, 048 9042 5990,

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Camphill Community Greenacres is a new venture in the south Dublin suburb of Dundrum. The main house was formerly occupied by an order of nuns called the Religious for Christian Education. Due to dwindling numbers they have let the property to Camphill to insure the social endeavours which they can no longer manage on their own. The house is set in two and a half acres of mature garden adjacent to Airfield, a 40 acre community farm and craft centre. Our new house Hazel, provides semi-independent living environment for people who are more able. By each helping the other, everyone is enabled to live a fulfilling life. Although in the centre of a thriving part of Dublin we are a veritable oasis of greenery. Our aim in Greenacres is to develop the Camphill impulse in the context of an Irish urban setting. More specifically, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving a sustainable community. This can be described as an attempt to integrate the ecological, social, economic and spiritual aspects of life into a harmonious and inclusive place to live.
Since taking over the house at the end of 2002, the Community has grown to 18 people living full time and a number of people coming on a day basis, including people in care, co-workers, children, a part-time employee and helpers from the locality. We also play host to a wide variety of cultural activities such as courses and lectures. In addition, we operate as a small scale respite care, mostly for members of other communities looking for a city break.

Camphill Greenacres, Upper Kilmacud Road, Dublin 14. Phone: 01 298 7618