Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Eithne the Pirate's Daughters

Performance March 19th and March 20th , 7:30 pm

Millenium Theatre, Limerick Institute of Technology

An original play performed by Raheen Wood Steiner School's class 7/8

This swashbuckling tale set in the 16th Century depicting heroes and heroines, spies and their masters, all eager for the acquisition

of new territories and the superb map making skills of Ben Reuben, the masterful Jewish mapmaker.

Set in Ireland, Portugal and Spain, the play shows how Donal O'Malley aids Ben Reuben to escape the Inquisition

and subsequently to secretly smuggle his maps while mistaken identities, dastardly attempts at subterfuge and espionage, confusion

and a sea battle rage about them.

This play comes out of our active learning programme, an approach which integrates many subjects and skills including history,geography, cartography, fencing, stage combat, tango, music and set building. Proceeds from the performances will go

to the the funding of the class trip to Italy to study Renaissance art and thinkers.

Christian Community

A reminder that there will be services on this Sunday in Tuamgraney

9.30am Children's service
10.30am Act of Consecration of Man
followed by refreshments and
a talk - Son of God, Son of Man in the Gospel of Mark

Childcare is provided during the Act of Consecration.
Donation requested

Audrey Flynn
Correspondent for the Christian Community East Clare Congregation
and The Republic of Ireland
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To contact Rev Malcolm Allsop 00353 (0)61 640967
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