Monday, September 28, 2009

Breath and the Word

A Workshop for Teachers and Parents of Young Chidren led by Nell Smyth

By uncovering the natural breathing rhythm we discover the power of our voice, the imagination and our intuition in working with children.

This workshop will:
Help us to connect with our own individual breathing rhythm
Help to strengthen our own vitality and capacity for patience
Help us to be more intuitive and supportive of children`s physical and developmental needs
Help us to build the connection between the physical body and language development through poetry, song and storytelling
Increase confidence and creativity in creating our own verses and stories
Deepen the awareness of how the different parts of our being are integrated

Nell Smyth is a Steiner teacher, teacher trainer and workshop leader with over 25 years experience. She has worked with all ages from 2 years to 82 years in both America and Europe. She is also a Middendorf Breath Practitioner of many years standing, a faculty member of the Institute for Breath Experience in San Francisco`s Bay Area and the author of ` The Breathing Circle: learning through the movement of the breath`

For more information phone 085 788 4851 or email

Friday, September 11, 2009

Saturday, September 05, 2009

* New Foundation Year *

one year part-time course starts September 2009

in Tuamgraney, County Clare

 The Foundation Year is designed as an orientation year for the kindergarten and class teacher training but it also stands as an autonomous one year introductory course. This course in anthroposophical studies will be of interest to those looking for an introduction to the work of Rudolf Steiner combined with a foundation course in the arts.

 Pedagogical Years One and Two

These two years focus on teacher development and child development and will prepare students to work within a Waldorf kindergarten or primary school. These years include: simple crafts, storytelling, puppetry, seasonal festivals, practical work in the kindergarten, child observation, health and parenting issues, work with the angels and inner development.

 The course takes place at Raheen Wood Steiner School in Tuamgraney, Co.Clare and is composed of:

• 8 weekend sessions (Friday evening to Saturday 5.30pm)

• Three 5-day Residential sessions in October/November, April and July,

(coinciding with school holidays at Halloween, Easter and the summer break)

 Course fee for the Foundation Year: €1850

Applications with deposit of €300 (non refundable) by 6th August 2009

 for more information on the Foundation Year, please contact: Ruth Marshall

tel: 061 473866   email:


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