Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From the Summer Newsletter:

Celebrating 21 Years of the Anthroposophical Society in Ireland

Twenty one years ago, on Whitsunday 1989, the Anthroposophical Society in Ireland was founded. The council has been looking at ways to mark our 21st anniversary this year

In marking this occasion, it is worth noting that significant events occur in the heavens in May. The journal of the Astronomical Section of the Goetheanum has called 2010 “The year of the great opposition”. Jupiter and Saturn meet in a triple-opposition between Easter 2010 and 2011. This means that the planets stand diametrically opposite each other in the sky - one is rising in the east as the other sets in the west.

Such oppositions occur approximately every twenty or twenty one years, but what is especially significant at this time is where the planets are placed celestial event. Jupiter stands at the spring equinox point, in the constellation of Pisces, while Saturn stands opposite on the autumnal equinox in Virgo. These points are the gateways to spring and autumn, where the Sun crosses respectively north and south of the equator. Jupiter-Saturn Oppositions happen in this location only every several hundred years.

The first of these three oppositions happens on Whitsun, the 21st anniversary of the Irish Society’s founding. It is interesting to read what Rudolf Steiner, in relation to new forms of technology, says about the Pisces and Virgo forces;

"It will be the task of the good, healing science to find certain cosmic forces that, through the working together of two cosmic streams, are able to arise on the earth. These two cosmic streams will be those of Pisces and Virgo. It will be most important to discover the mystery of how what works out of the cosmos in the direction of Pisces as a force of the sun combines with what works in the direction of Virgo. The good will be that one will discover how, from the two directions of the cosmos, morning and evening forces can be placed at the service of humanity: on the one side from the direction of Pisces and on the other side from the direction of Virgo.

...From the cooperation of what comes from Pisces and Virgo one will not be able to bring about anything harmful. Through this one will achieve what in a certain sense loosens the mechanism of life from the human being but will in no way found any form of rulership and power of one group over another... "

Dornach 25 November 1917, GA0178

May these healing forces carry us for ward to the next period of the Society’s biography. Rather than organising one single event to which not everyone may be able to travel, the council instead suggests that people arrange to meet locally on Sunday 24th May, to read Steiner’s Whitsun verse. Thus, wherever we are, members will have an opportunity to mark the event of our society’s “Coming of age”, knowing that the occasion is celebrated in many other places all over Ireland.

With warmest Greetings

The Council


June 2-5: International Early Childhood Care Conference, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.

Rudolf Steiner’s salutogenesis approach to infant pedagogy. The conference will focus on healthy and healing child development, care of children in their home environment, in playgroups, institutions and day-care centres, and in medical, nursing and therapeutic practices.Contact: Goetheanum. Tel: +41 (0) 61-7064444. Email: tickets@goetheanum.org

Application form can be found on http://www.goetheanum.org/3426.html (German) or for

the English version: http://ahasc.org.uk/events/index/

June 5-6: Dunshane:

Humans and Nature Spirits

Working and playing with Nature Spirits workshop Led by Tanis Helliwell, based on her book “Summer with the Leprechauns”. “This course will share with you the secrets of manifestation according to natural laws and the natural world so that you can be more effective in your work and world.” Further info phone 051 - 647947

Theory of Colour

This is a call for those who have worked with the Theory of Colour can meet together and share research. Contributions can be in the form of a talk, an artistic exercise or experimental presentation. The venue is a new village hall in the little seaside town of Portballintrae on the north Antrim coast, a few miles from the Giants’ Causeway in an area where nature forces are in dynamic interplay. MNany landscape artists live in this area to see the elements at work.

Cost: depends on numbers but no more than £30. Meals and lodgings not included.Transport: Buses to Portballintrae from Belfast. Nearest train station is Portrush.

Accommodation: camping, youth hostel, self-catering cottages, B&B and hotels all within walking distance of venue. Booking: Malin Starrett, 520 Antrim Road, Glengormley, Co. Antrim BT36, N.Ireland Tel: UK 0044 (0)28 909 25211

Goethean Science & Art Therapy

A series of three week end workshops exploring basic principles of Goethe's new science. We will engage Art Therapy to help us in following Goethe's trail artistically, using watercolors, clay and our splendid human imagination. Contents include Metamorphosis of the Plant, Comparative Studies on Bones, Theory of Color (selection), Newton's Experiments

11.30-17.00 Sat/Sun June 5/6, July

3/4 August 7/8 in Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Facilitator: Klaus Klier, Art Therapist, Psychotherapist, Dublin

Price: € 100 (Materials and light refreshments included)

Group size max. 8 Pers. Please inquire online for program and application form


or ring Klaus on (00353) 86 373 4662