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 The Colours of Money

A weekend seminar including a standalone public lecture* 26-28 October 2012 / Stroud, England
“I really enjoyed the seminar over the weekend.  Many things became clearer to me and at the same time the discussion led to many new questions and ideas to think about and digest.”
Derived from Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to economic and monetary history, The Colours of Money© seminar looks at the history and purpose of money and how it can be the main instrument for bringing about real and lasting change in our economic circumstances. Grounded in associative economics – an approach that covers many schools of thought, the seminar ranges from the problems of small businesses to larger questions of global finance and the power of corporations. Offering a radical yet concrete and in-depth approach to money in our times, it is presented using coloured chalk imagery on black paper, a technique intended to overcome the reputation of economics as a dismal science!
The seminar is presented by Arthur Edwards, an economist based in England who combines formal academic credentials with on-going research into associative economics and Rudolf Steiner’s work in particular. Cost: £150, excl. meals & accommodation (£125 if paid in full on or before 1st October.) Venue: The British School Hall, OpenHouse, Painswick Inn Courtyard, 1 Gloucester Street. GL5 1QG. Registration: Arthur Edwards: Tel: 01453 756728 / mail@arthuredwards.net / Mob: 07979 935359
* Friday 26th October 7:30-9:30pm: Beyond the Market - Beyond Banking: A public lecture exploring the origins, history and future of the market and the prospects for going beyond it.
Comments from previous participants:
“ … there's definitely a light switched on!  ... Thank you for a really stimulating and engaging seminar. It has struck many a chord and has given me a shot of enthusiasm for going deeper into the ae perspective. … this is (for now) a brief note to express my thanks and to give you 'credit' for the great work ... This is just the sort of thing I need.  I found the material on the course very exciting ... We very much appreciated your seminar and the work you are doing … I will be suggesting to my colleagues that we engage again with you .... I hope everyone enjoyed the seminar as much as I did. I thought the ideas were really important.”

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